The Luke Society Missions Ghana is one of the oldest and most well-established Christian mission ministries within the Luke Society ministries.

The Luke Society is an interdenominational organization of Christian health and business professionals dedicated to medical missions. It supports indigenous Christian health professionals who have a vision to reach and serve their own people in a common language and culture. It’s focus is on community health-teaching people how to prevent disease and equipping people to care for themselves, their families and their communities.

Besides teaching prevention, provides medical care for the sick and comfort for the dying. When appropriate, helps initiate economic development projects to assist people in providing for their families. Most important, ours is a Christ-centered ministry of evangelism and discipleship, reconciling man to God, and man to man through the truth of the gospel.

The Luke Society comes alongside Christian medical professionals in their own countries by offering encouragement, prayers, mentoring and financial support. These visionaries have a passion to better the physical, social and spiritual health of their communities. It currently has 42 ministry sites worldwide; North America (1), Central America (10), South America (6), Eastern Europe (5), Africa (13), Asia (7)

In 1988, the Luke Society Missions Ghana was founded under the leadership of Dr. John Oduro-Boateng. It is also a member of the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) and the Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG).

The Luke society missions Ghana currently has two ministry sites in Ghana; St. Luke Hospital, Kasei, Ashanti (EST. 1988 July/August) and Emmanuel Eye Medical Centre (EST. October 1993 and absorb in March 1998).

Back then the St. Luke Hospital, Kasei was a three-room hut in a village called Kasei, in the Ejura Sekyeredumase district. Today, it’s a 30-plus acre compound on which sophisticated medical procedures are taking place. The ministry has built a strong reputation for hernia repairs, but also excels in primary care, obstetrics, general surgery and pharmaceutical needs. A pediatric ward is under development.

Emmanuel Eye Medical Centre continues to provide total eye care, primary and specialised health care to the people of Ghana.

Dr. John Oduro-Boateng is the director of the Luke Society Missions Ghana, ministry sites and also serves as the Luke Society’s regional coordinator in Africa. He is well known throughout the continent.The ministry has helped plant dozens of churches in the across the regions and evangelism to the people of Ghana.